What should I wear?

Be yourself and dress however is comfortable for you. On Sunday mornings you will find plenty of folks in jeans as well as plenty of folks dressed more formally for worship. Because we believe God doesn’t really mind what you wear, the choice is ultimately up to you. 
What if I have special needs?

It is important to us for all people to feel welcome and accommodated. Hearing aids and large-print hymnals are available during the service; just see one of our ushers. Our church is also wheelchair accessible. If you need assistance, please ask.
Can I bring my children?

Kids are welcome, wiggles and all! Please feel free to take advantage of the small nursery in the back of the sanctuary, the children’s nursery for infants to 4 years old, and the children’s ministry (known as Kids Crew) for kindergarten through 5th grade children. 


Will I Be Expected to Give a Donation?

No. We encourage members and regular attendees of MUMC to support our ministries through their financial gifts. Visitors are always welcome to support the work of Mechanicsville UMC, but until you decide to make us your church home, we are happy to minister to you through our worship and programs.
Will I Be Introduced During Worship?

You will not be asked to address the congregation or anything else to put you on the spot. 
Do you have communion each Sunday?

Normally, the first Sunday of each month is communion Sunday. The United Methodist Church welcomes all (non-members, visitors, and children) to the Lord’s Table. Following prayer and the blessing of the elements, the invitation to partake of the Lord’s Supper is extended to the congregation. The ushers will come forward to help direct the congregation to the front in a smooth fashion. Visitors who may feel uncomfortable participating, or whose beliefs may prohibit participation, should not feel pressured and may remain seated. Please let an usher know if you would like to receive the elements at your seat.
What if I haven’t been to church often or have never been at all?
MUMC is a warm and inviting place. We are here to welcome and serve you. Some of our people have attended all of their life. Some seem to know a lot about the Bible and faith. Others are just beginning the journey. There is nothing difficult or scary about worshiping with us.  
What is Methodism?

The United Methodist Church is an 11-million-strong global church that opens hearts, opens doors, and opens minds through active engagement with our world. John Wesley and the early Methodists placed primary emphasis on Christian living, on putting faith and love into action.

United Methodists come in all sizes, shapes, colors, dispositions, outlooks and life stories, but share a unique history and faith perspective. Our members speak many languages and live in many countries.

No matter how or where they serve Jesus Christ, United Methodists do God’s work in a unique structure—referred to as “the connection.” This concept has been central to Methodism from its beginning. Connectionalism comes to life through our clergy appointment system, our mission and outreach, and through our collective giving. We live out our call to mission and ministry by engaging in ministry with the poor, combating diseases of poverty by improving health globally, creating new places for new people and renewing existing congregations, and developing principled Christian leaders. No one congregation can do all these ministries but, together—through the power of our connection—we can make a tremendous difference.

How do I become a member of Mechanicsville UMC?

We believe that the Church is a living, breathing, serving, celebrating Body of Christ! So membership in the church means living in a vital relationship with Jesus Christ and with His family, the Church. If you have questions or would like more information about becoming a member, please contact  our church office mechumc@comcast.net 804-746-5118