Former titles of Greeter, Hospitality, and Usher==  
NOW under the Headings: Parking Lot Greeters, Welcome/ Check In Station, and Ushers/ Sanctuary =Green Team 
 Everyone Serving – ****Make small talk, welcoming conversation that is seen and felt as genuine and caring. Most important role you have is to be welcoming and engaging with folks, answer any questions.   
Parking Lot Greeters -will be stationed by the end of the Great Room near parking lot- Welcome folks, ask about masks/ facial coverings if none seen, have masks available to give out if need be;   ensure folks are social distancing, ensure folks are entering through the right door, and redirecting folks if need be.  Direct folks to the Welcome/ Check In Station.
Welcome/ Check In Station- will be stationed by the door to the Great Room.  Welcome folks, check if they registered for worship, if they did, you will have a list of folks who did pre-register, and you will put a check by their names; if they didn’t, you will write down their names. Ask if folks completed the COVID-19 questionnaire this week and if anything has changed? IF they didn’t then they will read the poster that will be by your station, and then you will indicate this as well. The list will have their names, a box to check for yes or no about the form, and then an additional line to add if they read the poster.   Direct folks from here to the Usher/ Sanctuary Team.
Usher/ Sanctuary Team– Welcome folks, ask them to use the hand sanitizer by the door, help direct them to open seats by following the white posted signs on the pews for every other pew sitting, encourage seating between the tape on the pews. Show them the offering plates by the door, and the childrens’ basket for families to take a bag for worship.  Encourage families to sit on the far right of pews  by the windows so they can use that aisle if need to get up. Direct folks to the restrooms as needed. Welcome folks to worship.  Upon end of service, ushers will release folks to leave pew by pew. They will only go out the same door they came in. All other doors will be closed.
After the Service, and folks have left, Green Team will work to sanitize the sanctuary and bathrooms, doors, by following the listed protocols
Service Leader/Opening Prayer– The Service Leader will get up following Pastor Amy’s overall welcome to start the service, and offer announcements and invite folks to prepare their hearts for worship. Announcements are on the screens but it helps to reiterate in person.  Explain that we cannot yet sing but during the live music and song recordings, please follow along and use the music to center and focus on worship. if there is a call to worship, you will lead this before your opening prayer.  Pastor Amy will be offering the pastoral prayer/ prayers of the people; this opening prayer is to focus on preparing our hearts and minds for worship, glorifying God, and asking the Spirit of God to be with us today as we worship, etc. It is not the time to lift up individual prayers, that will be done in the pastoral prayer. It is a corporate prayer invoking and acknowledging God’s spirit among us as we prepare to worship.   Pastor Amy will include the Lord’s Prayer as part of the Pastoral Prayer.   The Service Leader will assist Pastor as needed. 
Thank you so much for your willingness to serve, you are loved and appreciated. Please let me know if you have any questions. 
Pastor Amy