Mechanicsville United Methodist Church
Servant Leadership 2021
Church Council
Lay Leader 
Council Secretary 
Church Treasurer 
Annual Conference Delegate 
Co-Chair, Staff-Parish Relations
Trustees, Chair 
Finance, Chair 
Worship Team, Chair 
Care and Concern Ministries, Chair 
Director of Children’s Ministries, Chair 
Youth Ministry Leaders 
Co-Chair, Outreach/Witness 
Small Groups Coordinator 
President, United Methodist Women 
President, United Methodist Men 
Youth Representative to Church Council
Aaradhana Namala
Karen Cook
Claudette Ammons
Robin Parks
Dave Beish
John Barry
Ivy Sager
Wayne Cutright
Mark Crouse
Dana Walker
Carol Justis
Nancy Gunter
Pam Aylor
David Brown & Shana Fleet
Karen Sween
Rob Fleet
Aaradhana Namala
Church Staff
Director of Children’s Ministries
Administrative Assistant
Amy Dunn
Pam Aylor
Patty Pointer
Lynne Smith 
Other Key Positions
District Steward 
District Conference Delegate 
Westview Representative 
Cub Scout Representative 
Disaster Response Coordinator 
Facilities/Operations (Co-leaders)
Church Historians 
Wednesday Night Coordinator 
Sunday Morning Hospitality 
Bereavement Hospitality Coordinator 
Dave Beish
Claudette Ammons 
Scott Jones 
David Brown 
Mark Crouse & Forrest Reid 
Nancy Forrest & David Garrett 
Gail Crouse 
Dana Walker
Brenda Patrick
Ministry Positions
Worship Team
Carol Justis, Chair
Susan Tate
Claudette Ammons
Patty Pointer, Staff
Salena Robins
Judy Mann
Nancy Reid
Janie Brown
Pam Aylor, Staff
Amy Dunn, Pastor
Children’s Ministries
Pam Aylor, Staff Lead
Judy Barry
Rob Fleet
Gail Crouse
Janie Brown
Sonia Jones
Sydney Butterworth
Brenda Patrick
Amy Dunn, Pastor
Finance Team
Dana Walker, Chair
Claudette Ammons, Lay Leader
Dave Beish, Treasurer
Karen Cook, Financial Secretary
Sharon Combs
Forrest Reid, Trustees Rep.
Sam Namala
Wesley Mallory
Tim Zahn
Amy Dunn, Pastor
Security Team
Jason Butterworth, Team Lead
Mark Crouse, Chair (2020)
Claudette Ammons (2020)
Susie Chenault (2020)
Lisa Valad (2021)
Rich Wooddy (2021)
Forrest Reid (2021)
Elmer Broughman (2022)
Karen Sween (2022)
Bubba Adams (2022)
Karen Cook (2022)
Amy Dunn, Pastor
Committee on Nomination and
Leadership Development
Amy Dunn, Pastor, Chair
Brenda Adams (2021)
Janie Brown (2022)
Susie Chenault (2022)
Gail Crouse (2023)
David Brown (2023)
Outreach/Witness Ministries
Karen Sween and Rob Fleet, Co-Chairs
Aaradhana Palle
Susie Chenault
Greg Sager
Amy Dunn, Pastor
Youth Council
David Brown, Adult
Thomas Hauck, Adult
Salena Robins, Adult
Amy Dunn, Pastor
Samantha Mills, Youth
Curtis Jones, Youth
Kayden Robins, Youth
Caleb Johnson, Youth
Staff Parish Relations
Amy Dunn, Pastor
Heath Lindvall (2021)
John Barry, Lay Member Annual Conf. (2023)
Janie Brown (2023)
Carly Robins (2021) Youth Rep.
Wayne Cutright’s co-chair (2022)
Ivy Sager, co-Chair (2022)
Pat Patrick (2022)
Claudette Ammons, Lay Leader