Protocol for use of Building Space

Church member or staff member responsible for group that will be meeting shall:

Ensure that every person (including staff or volunteer) has completed a Health Acknowledgement (online) and filed as instructed. These forms will be shared with the pastor for security filing.

Form must be filed prior to any meeting or gathering at the church; one filing is good for only one week.

Ensure proper signage appears at entrance to space being used:

(No one with a fever or symptoms  of COVID-19 or known exposure to COVID-19 in the prior 14 days is allowed in)

If above mentioned health form has been filed within the last 7 days, the leader shall ask the person: “Have you experienced any changes in health since you completed your Health Acknowledgement form?”

Ensure that social distancing is practiced by members of group meeting – 6 foot spacing between individuals (unless two or more people are of the same quarantine unit).

Ensure that every person is wearing a face mask covering mouth and nose.

Have everyone sanitize hands upon entering and leaving space (no assurance is made that hand sanitizer or masks will be available, so each person should bring own)

Limited use of restrooms. One person at a time. Spacing of 6 feet will be marked on the floor leading up to the restrooms with tape. 

No shared items, no paper items passed out. Meeting agendas will be emailed or texted prior to meeting, appear on the digital screens in the sanctuary, appear on our Mechanicsville United Methodist Church website or any combination of these options. Protocols will be distributed in the same manner and will also be posted at entry.

No food or drink can be served.

Leader shall be responsible for sanitizing the space prior to leaving the building. Sanitizing shall consist of: (see separate cleaning/sanitizing check list)