About MUMC

Welcome to Mechanicsville United Methodist Church (MUMC)

We are glad to have you with us, and we want to extend to you a heartfelt invitation to learn more about our church through this website or by contacting us. MUMC was founded in 1948 at the current location. Over time, the church has grown and expanded, thanks to God’s faithfulness and blessing. It is up to our present and future members to continue the good work set before us.

We invite you to join our many opportunities for worship, community and mission work. Christian education, spiritual formation, fellowship, and service.
A Call to Covenant Life Together – Mechanicsville United Methodist Church We, the people of God called Mechanicsville United Methodist Church, do hereby establish a Covenant with God and each other.  It is the purpose of this covenant to seek both renewal and transformation in the way we live and serve in this Body of Christ and to invite a deeper and more meaningful walk with God and with others.  To become a more healthy, vibrant, and growing congregation we commit ourselves to the following practices seeking in who we are and all that we do to bear fruit in the cause of Jesus Christ.  By God’s grace, we will do all we can to live out these convictions and commitments faithfully. Passionate Worship:



  • I will commit to worship within the body of Christ weekly.
  • I will seek to honor God and make worship more about God and less about me.


Radical Hospitality:

  • I will welcome and take personal responsibility for those God sends my way.
  • I will pray for and connect personally with at least one person or one family during the year, doing all I can to connect them to life in Jesus Christ and the Church.

Faith Development:

  • I will make a commitment to growing faith personally through study and prayer  as often as possible.

Extravagant Generosity:

  • I will strive to tithe a tenth of all that God has given me, including the financial resources and time placed in my care, to the work of the church.
  • As God blesses me and leads me, I will seek to be faithful in giving sacrificially and selflessly beyond my commitment to tithe.

Risk Taking Mission and Service:

  • We believe that every member of the Body of Christ is called to serve the Church and her people; therefore we will challenge ourselves to go beyond our comfort zone in order to follow faithfully God’s call to serve the poor, the broken and those far from God.